Have you heard of the 3.5% Rule?

A Harvard researcher studied successful social movements across the globe and discovered that IF at least 3.5% of a given population actively protests for socio-political change, it will happen.

So, will you be part of the 3.5%? Will you take a stand demanding immediate action on the climate? We need you. The planet needs you. Your children, nieces, and nephews need you.

Take a stand and do one of the following today:

1. Write letters to your Mayor, City Council, Governor, Senator or Representative. Make it personal.

2. Share this post and start conversations with your community.

3. Write an op-ed or letter to the editor of your local paper. It is very easy to get published in small newspapers.

4. Check-out the Low Carbon Diet: How to Lose 5000 Pounds in a Month. This is a great family activity: https://www.empowermentinstitute.net/index.php/community/low-carbon-diet

5. Commit to coming to the next climate rally in your community.

THANK YOU for being part of that critical 3.5%!