Accomplishments & Victories



Mothers motivated by love possess incredible power especially when we stand together, unwavering in our defense of our children.

When others look back at what we have accomplished in just over a decade and on a budget akin to a shoestring, they are amazed. We must admit we feel the same way, but then again love is one of the greatest forces in the universe. When that love is organized and amplified there really is nothing we cannot do. 

Since our launch, we have been cited in numerous academic publications and news media. We have written articles, op-eds and letters to the editor for Care2, Huffington Post and Utah’s many state and community newspapers. We joined the U.S. Climate Action Network in 2015.

We’ve received numerous awards including: Best New Non-Profit in Utah, 2008; Utah Clean Air Ambassador (Cherise Udell) to Washington D.C.; inducted into the E-50 (Enlightened 50) by the Community Foundation of Utah, 2014; recipient of Utah’s Excellence in Ethics Award 2015; and Voices for Utah Children Children's Champion Award, 2016.

The following are our clean air accomplishments in no particular order. Some of the victories on this list were obviously collaborative efforts, while others the moms did on their own or were the primary lead, but all together it is one impressive list that we should all be proud of!

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Funds to retrofit school-bus fleet


Collaborated with Representative Christine Johnson to draft and pass House Bill 106, which allocated $100,000 to retrofit the diesel-spewing school bus fleet in Utah. This bill also allowed Utah to tap into over a million dollars in federal air pollution mitigation money.

Power plant won’t use petroleum-coke in West Bountiful...

Helped nix 8-lane mega corridor plan


Successfully pressured the Utah Department of Transportation to nix a 8-lane mega-transportation corridor that would have been adjacent to 21 schools, virtually creating a cancer corridor for those students. Instead of this mega-freeway, UDOT built a parkway and implemented public transportation, including a dedicated train line from the suburbs to downtown Salt Lake City.

Group says road is a health risk...
Mountain View Corridor to be built in phases...

Stopped polluting plant proposal


Forced a proposal for a highly-polluting petroleum-coke energy plant just outside of Salt Lake City to be shelved.

Power plant plans on hold...
Power plant won't use petroleum-coke in W. Bountiful...

Air-quality recess guidelines for schools


Collaborated with the Utah Department of Public Health to establish recess guidelines for poor-air-quality days, which is now followed by most Utah schools.

What parents need to know about air quality and recess...
Recess guidelines for schools...

Helped hault Sevier power plant plans


Toppled plans for a coal-fired power plant in Sevier County.

Waste site needs study, group says...

Chevron influenced by public opinion


Chevron Refinery management stated to a visiting group of University of Utah engineers that they were spending hundreds of millions of dollars on new pollution controls because of the influence of Utah Moms for Clean Air on public opinion.

Helped mom group stop mine in B.C.


Helped launch Kamloops Moms for Clean Air, for the primary purpose of fighting a proposed copper mine in Kamloops, British Columbia. We traveled to Canada to provide logistical support to their movement.

Kamloops Moms for Clean Air...

Helped stop 'Kill Gramma' bill


We were one of the key groups to mount public opposition to HB477, the “kill GRAMMA” bill, that was eventually overturned by the legislature after widespread public outrage and the rally we co-organized on Capitol Hill.

(Video) UMFCA denounces HB477...

Idle-free initiative


Instrumental in launching an idle-free initiative in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County and Park City.

Parents urged to be idle-free at schools...

Helping kids advocate


Sponsored numerous Clean Air Kids at the Capitol events.

(Video) Kids speak out on air pollution...

Taking Kennecott to court


With Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment (UPHE), we took mining company Kennecott to court for violating the Clean Air Act. This was the first time that any public interest groups have taken the mining giant to court in Utah’s history. We unfortunately did not win, but we put them on notice.

(Video) Environmental groups sue Kennecott...
(Video) Udell discusses joint lawsuit...

Idle-reduction program at Kennecott/Rio Tinto


At our suggestion, Kennecott/Rio Tinto implemented an idle-reduction program which resulted in a pollution reduction equivalent to removing 2,000 cars off the road over a two-year period.

Going idle-free saves Kennecott millions...

Holding Rio Tinto to account


√ We successfully pressured Utah’s Department of Air Quality to tighten conditions on Rio Tinto’s mining permit.

√ We traveled twice to London as proxy shareholders to speak at the Rio Tinto/Kennecott shareholder meeting and demand accountability for their Utah operations.

√ Exposed Rio Tinto for Greenwashing prior to London 2012 Olympics.

√ We influenced Rio Tinto to phase-out all of their coal-fired power plants and move to renewables.

(Video) The Great Olympic Greenwash...
Coal Power Plant Closure Expected to Reduce Pollution...

Clean Air Ambassadors in Washington, Paris


√ Represented Utah as a Clean Air Ambassador in Washington D.C. and met with Obama administration officials, Congressman Matheson, Senator Lee and E.P.A. Administrator, Lisa Jackson.

√ According to Bryce Bird, Director of the Department of Air Quality, our constant call for cleaner air and watchdog position has resulted in a much stronger State Implementation Plan.

√ We organized a delegation, complete with youth ambassadors, to attend the historic United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21) in Paris, France.

Utah moms rally in Washington D.C...

Pushing for change in Utah, Washington and Pittsburg


√ We co-hosted the largest Clean Air rally in Utah history with 4,000 to 5,000 people in attendance.

√ Co-hosted a 2019 event with Dear Tomorrow at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City which discussed the role of parents in climate activism worldwide.

√ Invited by the Heinz Foundation to help organize local air activists in Pittsburg.

Rally to attract thousands for clean air...
(Video) Leave it better than we found it (UN Earth Day)...
Heinz leads clean air initiative...

All we want for Christmas...


During some of Utah’s worst winter inversion seasons we have highlighted the dangers of our dirty air with creative protests such as with our "All We Want for Christmas is Clean Air" campaign which varies year to year but included "Smoggy Christmas Carols", and a "Letters to Santa" contest.

Clean air advocates go caroling...

Utah's Path to Improving Air Quality


Wrote a plan for Governor Herbert entitled “Path to Improving Air Quality in Utah” in 2013 which encouraged Governor Herbert to create his Clean Air Action Team (CAAT), UCAIR and the CARROT program (Clean Air Retrofit, Replacement and Off-Road program) established in 2014 with funding from the Utah Legislature program. Some of the suggestions we made are now being implemented such as the two-stroke lawn mower buy-back program.

Utah moms submit air improvement plan to governor...
Gov announces clean air action team...
Lawnmower exchange program is back...

Calling out the absurd


When Gov. Herbert and the Society of Petroleum Engineers hosted an Earth Day Poster Contest for Utah children celebrating the benefits of Fossil Fuels (yes, really….), we countered with our own Earth Day poster contest called "Love Your Mother". The hypocrisy of the Governor’s misguided Earth Day contest was mocked on the Colbert Report.

(Video) Watch Colbert Report...

Forced Stericycle to leave Utah


With Communities for Clean Air, we successfully held medical incinerator, Stericycle, to account for their egregious air quality violations and eventually forced them to shut down and leave the state of Utah entirely.

Medical waste company leaving Utah...
(Video) Stericycle to move out of the valley?...

Helped Lehi moms group fight Geneva Rock


Formed a chapter in Lehi - Lehi Moms and Allies for Clean Air - to challenge the legality of Geneva Rock’s proposed TMTH mine in the Traverse Mountain HOA.

Clean Air advocates meet, discuss mining, air quality concerns with Erin Brockovich...
Anti-Geneva Rock signs posted on Lehi buildings...



Quite possibly our most important accomplishment has been making air quality a top issue of concern for Utahns, especially those living along the Wasatch Front and Cache Valley. When Utah Moms for Clean Air first started, air quality wasn’t on the radar screen of most Utah citizens. Prior to 2007, air quality didn’t even show up as one of the top concerns in Quality of Life surveys. Now, air quality is regularly the number 1 or number 2 concern for Utah voters.

Utah residents rank air pollution as No. 1 threat to quality of life...