Our Mission & Principles



Founded in 2007 by a group of mothers, Utah Moms for Clean Air uses the power of moms to clean up Utah's dirty air.

All moms and allies are invited to join our powerful chorus of voices and help protect the right every child has to breathe clean air and enjoy a stable climate.

Little girl in Salt Lake City with sign asking to Protect My Future.jpg

WE ARE RESPONSIBLE for our children’s future and are uncompromising defenders of their health and well-being.

WE BELIEVE access to clean air is a basic birthright.

WE ARE MOTIVATED by a love for our children.

WE ARE BOLD, brave and creative in our actions.  

WE THINK global and act local.

WE BELIEVE people can make change happen.

WE ARE COLLABORATIVE and invite all moms and allies who share our mission to join in our efforts.

WE SUPPORT science-based, sustainable solutions to clean the air we all share through grassroots organizing, direct action, policy and legislation, education outreach and individual action.